Peter Joslyn
RUN at Auto Italia

Father of the Sun

13th June - 19th July 2008


Dan Shaw-Town


27th April - 8th June 2008


Laura Morrison

Troglodytes troglodytes

16th March - 20th April 2008


Lucy Coggle

Guernsey Punk

27th January - 24th February 2008


Maya Hewitt

Mending Fences

16th November - 16th December 2007


Nicolas Deshayes


5th October - 4th November 2007



Exhibition made by Donald Smith

30th June - 29th July 2007


Norman Hyams

5th May - 3rd June 2007


Wish You Were Here

Matt Johnstone /Dan Shaw-Town

24th March - 29th April 2007


Once is not Enough

Laura Morrison/Bea Turner

10th February - 16th March 2007


Imagine some Evening

16h December, 2006

1-11 Kempton Court, London



Simon Christopher, Matt Johnstone, Dan Shaw-Town, Lynton Talbot, Joe Watling

(Curated by Simon Christopher and Lynton Talbot)

28th July 2006

Whitechapel Gallery, London


Strictly Kunst

(Curated by Tanja Busse, Hana Noorali and Rebecca Ribichini)

20th July - 26th July 2006

Ballhaus Ost, Papplealee 15, Berlin, Germany


Much, much better thank you

(Curated by Hana Noorali and Rebecca Ribichini)

24th June - 7th July 2006

Pappelallee 73, Berlin Germany