Installation view


Once is not Enough

Laura Morrison/Bea Turner

10th February - 16th March 2007


In a series of new works by Laura Morrison and Bea Turner, Run will present an exhibition that draws attention to the persuasive influence of repetition and its inherent capacity to assert familiarity.

Laura Morrison’s work brings together painting, object making and sculptural installation with a contingent approach to medium. Diverse semi-abstracts emerge as motifs in pieces that consider belief and faith on a sliding scale as well as the power granted to associated objects and rituals. These motifs gain authority and familiarity by their recurrence and evolution from piece to piece. The works in this show exhibit a mysterious sincerity in combining the symbols of ancient and modern customs with gauche over simplifications.

Using movement as her starting point, Bea transforms found and invented mechanisms into absurd characters, objects and environments. References are made to comic books and slapstick. Everyday objects are copied or re-created using the methods of a garden shed inventor. A making process of building, breaking and fixing is apparent in the appearance of the objects, which show evidence of time consuming care and maintenance. Manic repetitive movement creates precariousness and the pieces are constantly on the edge of an accident or mistake. Movement is also explored in more recent static pieces, which refer to the transition of particles as part of a mass.

Having completed the postgraduate diploma at Chelsea College of art, Laura Morrison was included in Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2006. Bea Turner is currently in her final year of the sculpture MA at the Royal College of Art. Both artists live and work in London.