Maya Hewitt

Mending Fences

16th November - 16th December 2007


RUN, in association with MISAKO & ROSEN Tokyo are pleased to present 'Mending Fences' an exhibition of new work by London based artist Maya Hewitt.

Hewitt's painted panels, grouped together within a space, exist as a singular, large-scale installation. A fully immersive environment where interlinking narratives are played out by a host of protagonists set within familiar human settings. The work evolves from a gap between childish fantasy and adult interpretation, where fragments of memories and notions of power and desire are fought. Where the figures are inextricably bound to their location and to each other. Sometimes this moves into an awkward manner, full of immature desire or longing for something lost where scenarios portray collisions between everyday life and fantasy.

As a point of departure, Hewitt will loosely use the context of an ornamental panoramic setting (such as traditional Japanese screens or 19 th Century French block-printed wallpaper where the exotic and mythical would depict an escape from reality). This context however becomes an invented world on to which Maya can project her own agenda, subverting the idyllic tranquillity associated with such settings and allowing for a playful level of barbarity to be freed. Impossible perspectives within each picture plain allow for rooms within rooms, which quickly replace the architectural details of the gallery, covering everything from windows to doors.  

For the exhibition at RUN, Hewitt will dramatically change the original shape and dimensions of the gallery. These structural alterations become symptomatic of both Hewitt's studio practice and the viewers experience of the work. Lowering the ceiling and 'shrinking' the gallery not only replicates the artists working environment but also, denying the viewer the opportunity to step back from the painting, creates a claustrophobic space in which one cannot help but become a participant in the unfolding narrative surrounding them. Rather than being a backdrop, the work is invasive. The onlooker is intimately close, also exposing the physical process of painting: brush strokes, pencil graft rubbings, hairs trapped in paint. The 'illusion' of painting falls apart and is at once regained.

Hewitt's method of painting involves constant editing, wiping and scraping away of past workings, where the basic struggle of linear correctness combined with the content gives rise to evolving narratives and hybrid scenarios  

Maya Hewitt studied Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton combined with a placement at Nagoya University of Art. Recent solo shows include 'Underbelly Skirmishes' Misako & Rosen, Tokyo (supported by the Daiwa Foundation) 2007 and 'The Janitors and their sheltered province' Bischoff/Weiss, London 2006. Maya has also been included in numerous group shows in both England and Japan including most recently a two-person show at Misako & Rosen with artist Kazuyuki Takezaki.




Installation view

Mending Fences

Oil on board