Norman Hyams by Nico De Oliveira, Installation view, all Untitled, oil on canvas and board

Norman Hyams

5th May – 3rd Jun 2007

Works re-selected every week by Nico D'Oliviera, Fiona Banner, Lisa Le Feuvre, Luke Morgan and Kevin Francis Gray


“Fortunately my paintings benefit from layers and layers, when you paint gestural you can keep adding gesture onto gesture onto gesture and it can keep adding something to the painting, sometimes you can add too many gestures and one gesture will take something away from another gesture, but the beauty of painting like this is that there are no mistakes”


For Norman Hyams' first solo show at Run, in association with the Olympian Arts Trust, we will transfer all of his recent work (approximately 40-50 oil paintings in an abstract style on board and unstretched canvas made in the last 2 years) into our gallery space at 24 Tudor Grove. In a reversal of roles, the gallery will become a 'storeroom' (containing banks of paintings with their painted surface facing the wall and canvases piled onto tables) and the block at 21 Tudor Grove will become the exhibiting space. Every week we will invite a guest ‘curator’ to enter the storeroom and select a body of work to be hung next door.

Norman considers his studio as tantamount to a frame for his whole practice and consequently has difficulty in extracting his work both physically and mentally from his workspace into a traditional gallery setting. He also considers that showing and seeing his paintings for any period of time has a neutralizing effect in so much that as an abstract painter he very much works in the moment and relies heavily on instinctive and immediate gestures.
For this show the ‘curatorial’ role will operate in a manner that reflects this and as such we wish to introduce the ‘exhibition makers’ to the work, to select the work and to hang it in one session.

By bringing in an unknown factor (the maker) we hope to show to the artist himself, and to the audience, previously unseen threads through works made during different periods of his painting cycle. Furthermore by refreshing the show every week we alleviate the concern on the artist’s part that a five-week hang of paintings may become stale and timeworn. Hyams’ misgivings about a standard gallery setting has seen him show in numerous unorthodox spaces and his work will rest comfortably and indeed thrive in the surroundings of the space.

Norman Hyams graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea in 2006.