Lucy Coggle

Guernsey Punk

27th January - 24th February 2008


RUN are pleased to present 'Guernsey Punk I' an exhibition of new work by London based artist Lucy Coggle. The exhibition will coincide with 'Guernsey Punk II' opening at Galerie Lorenz in Frankfurt in February 2008.

For the exhibition at RUN, Coggle has taken the language of traditional figure drawing, or portraiture, (i.e., a very contained, studio-hemmed activity) and used it to create something odder, which highlights the uncomfortable hierarchies behind such practices. There is an imposing sombreness to the work, a kind of unsettling mute menace, which is played off against pointedly jaunty colours, or the absurd presentation of an overblown child's game. In this series, the work moves across the wall like a modular, Ikea installation. The artist's choice is replaced by the inconsequential sequencing of a domino game with portraits of 'The Greats' competing with blank-eyed children's masks for authority.

In another piece, the silhouettes of glamorous pin-ups of the 1950s become the stiff outlines of Bratz dolls. Their skewed disproportionate bodies bring us back into the modern age of plastic surgery, while the defunct colours of the suffragettes make up the backgrounds. Instead of being called 'Meygan,' 'Sharidan,' or 'Cloe,' they take on the imperative nomenclature of abstract nouns that have traditionally been given to women: 'Faith', 'Hope', 'Charity', 'Chastity' 'Prudence' and 'Grace.'

These new pieces for RUN essentially make up one half of a whole body of work. The other half exhibited at Galerie Lorenz. Guernsey, having been both German and English during its recent history becomes a fitting title for these two exhibitions. Perhaps more significantly however, the title 'Guernsey Punk' may be viewed in deference to an angry yet defunct argument. This perhaps speaks more of the intellectual territory of the work, an idea of an outdated rebellion, or at least a deflation of the idea of rebellion.

Lucy Coggle graduated with a BA from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2007, was included in Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2007 and in the same year awarded a place at The Prince's Drawing School, London.



I Was Here First, 2008